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Jessica rides several horses for owners and investors. These horses have not only been successful but in many cases have been profitable investments for their owners.

Based in Eindhoven, Holland, but retaining strong British ties, Team Mendoza are always seeking new top class horses to be ridden by Jess. If you think you might like to get involved – whether as a new owner or part-owner, or if you already own showjumping horses then we’d love to hear from you.

Ownership is available on a sole or shared basis. We at Team Mendoza are happy to talk to prospective owners and investors about various opportunities.

For more information about owning horses with Team Mendoza please do call or email us on 01249 760106 or owners@jessicamendoza.co.uk.

Investment Opportunities

*NEW FOR 2017*

A new Tax Efficient scheme to enjoy the glamour and thrill of showjumping ownership with Team Mendoza

Elite Horse Owners is delighted to announce the launch of EHO Showjumping which offers a tax efficient way to invest in top class showjumping horses ridden by rising young British Olympian Jessica Mendoza.

EHO Showjumping is an HMRC-approved Enterprise Investment Scheme with benefits for UK tax residents.  EHO Showjumping will campaign the horses from 2017 through to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Please click here to register for full details or call Karen Carson on +44 7427 351135.


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